Glenstone Property plc is a property REIT which continues to expand its portfolio of investment property through the acquisition of ‎compatible, privately-owned property investment companies based in the UK. There is the potential benefit of capital gains and other tax liabilities being extinguished under Glenstone’s REIT regime.

Glenstone has the experience of acquiring and integrating family run businesses and is fully aware of the sensitivity of shareholder interests and needs. As a result of Glenstone’s REIT status, any new shareholders will benefit from any ongoing tax advantages in respect of zero rate corporation tax and zero rate capital gains tax.

All shareholders benefit from an experienced, professional and supportive management team that has a track record of delivering an attractive dividend over many years.


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Glenstone REIT Today

    A diversified REIT delivering sustainable returns

  • 5-year return of 27.2%
  • Gross Asset Value of £150m
  • Net Asset Value of £115m
2021 Annual Report

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